Mackenzie & Co Guide to Bar Cart Accessorizing

Aug 17, 2017

Bar carts are a great accent in any home; one they come in different styles for different tastes and designs, two they are great for entertaining and storage, and three they give your home a bit of old Hollywood glamour to it! Many have wheels so they are easily movable; in other words they can follow the party! Plus, they make you feel like the hostess with the mostest! 

Styling a bar cart can be tricky as most try to fit too much on resulting in an overcrowded bar cart making it look like a heaping mess rather than a styled, clean, and functional one. Here at Mackenzie & Company we have some tips for styling a well balanced and beautiful bar cart that functions well but still makes a statement. This is game changer for hosting; you are going to be chomping at the bit to throw a party to showcase your new Mackenzie&Co styled bar cart. 

Guide to Bar Cart Accessorizing:

1. Keeping it Simple: You don't need every liquor stocked along with all your nice glassware and every bar tool on the planet. Stick to the essentials. Stock your bar cart with what you need to make the classics and what you will be serving (example: pitcher of a pre-made cocktail). Include the essential tools such as, a squeezer, muddler, strainer, shaker, bottle opener, corckscrew, & ice bucket. Display a bit of your nice glassware: have a mixture of different styles for the cocktails you will be serving. Lastly, have a few essential mixers stocked. Adding a bottle or wine rack to the bottom level can also be helpful for mixer and bottle storage. 

2. Pleasing & Pretty Packaging: Having some liquor bottles that are pleasing to the eye adds interest and intrigue. Local liquor stores are great for this. Investing in nice decanters can also aid in this department. 

3. Texture & Color: Straws, cocktail napkins, drink stirrers, and cocktail picks are a great way to add texture and color to your bar cart design. In my opinion, nice cloth cocktail napkins are a must and go a long way! Another way to add color and texture is to freeze flower petals in your ice to place in your ice bucket. 

4. Fresh Fruit: Having fresh fruit in a bowl for cocktails is another functional yet pleasing design touch. 

5. Fresh Flowers: If you have room adding fresh flowers can be another great way to add color, texture, and life. 

6. Favorite Cocktail Books: Having your favorite cocktail recipe books is a great addition. If you made a pitcher, having the page open to your cocktail recipe is great personal touch to your vignette. 

7. Focal Point & Statement Backdrop: Having a focal point such as a piece of art work or mirror above your bar cart is one direction to consider. Or placing your bar cart in front of a statement wall (statement backdrop) is another. Both add visual interest and complete your bar cart vignette. 

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Mackenzie&Co Bar Cart Accessory Roundup:

Barcart Accessorizing

1. Ice Tongs                             13. Gold Ice Bucket

2. Decanter                             14. Bar Tool Set

3. Cocktail Glassware            15. Drink Dispenser 

4. Decanter                              16. Black&Gold Shaker

5. Silver Shaker                       17. Bottle Coaster

6. Glass Pitcher                       18. Cocktail Picks

7. Cocktail Glassware             19. Bottle Rack

8. Moscow Mule Mugs           20. Gold Paper Straws

9. Wine Glass                           21. Copper Ice Bucket

10. Champagne Glassware     22. Gold Shaker

11. Glassware                             23. Cloth Cocktail Napkins

12. Champagne Flute                24. Copper mug


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Our Studio's Favorite Bar Carts:

Untitled 12

1. Annabell Bar Cart

2. Arabella Black Rattan Bar Cart

3. Marlene Bar Cart

4. South Seas Bar Cart

5. Marcy Bar Cart

6. Butler Tray and Stand

7. Mid-Century Cart

8. Ernest Chrome Bar Cart

9. Ludlow Trunk bar Cabinet 

10. Hayden Marble Bar Cart

11. Riviera Bar

12. Larisa Bar Cart


Image Via Waiting on Martha

F90Ce787Fd6568A6E3C533919547B070 Champagne Buckets Party Champagne

Image Via Instagram of Pauline Morrissey

Favorite Cocktail Party & Recipe Books:

Untitled 16

1. The Craft Cocktail Party

2. Cocktail Therapy

3. The Art of Vintage Cocktails

4. The Cocktail Party

5. The New Cocktail Hour

6. Vintage Cocktails

7. The Cocktail Club

8. Beach Cocktails

9. Spritz

10. Cocktail Parties With A Twist

11. A Spot at the Bar

12. Skinnygirl Cocktails


Image Via My Domaine // Kelly Lee Of Kelly Golightly & Kristen Turner of Miss Kris


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The Personal Touch of Customized Drink Stirrers:

Il Fullxfull 687770241 Igzb

Customized drink stirrers add color and interest to your bar cart and they also dress up your cocktails a bit! These customized acrylic drink stirrers come in a few styles and colors. Our studio loves the blush pink in the "Cheers", "Enjoy", "Love", & "Celebrate" styles. 

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