Back-To-School Mackenzie & Co Guide

Jul 20, 2017

Here at Mackenzie & Company we like to "spice up" the typical back-to-school supplies and dorm room decor. Why have a dull dorm room, when you can have a Mackenzie & Co inspired one? Below we have round ups of our favorite dorm room and school accessories as well as some tips and tricks on how to upscale your dorm room even more. Your dorm room will no doubt be the talk of the "school" after you follow our advice! 

Image above via Her Campus

Dorm Room Must-Haves:

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1. Tasseled Floor Pillow                    12. Striped Bin               

2. Navy Lumbar Pillow                     13. Task Lamp                                       

3. Ribbon Border Curtains               14. Gold Pinboard                                        

4. Nest Diffuser                                 15. Accent Lamp                                                    

5. Navy Bath Towels                         16. Monogrammed Catch Tray                         

6. Navy Quilt or Duvet                      17. Robe                         

7. Navy Sheet Set                               18. Caddie                   

8. Navy Trim Standard Sham           19. Gold Mirror                           

9. Gold Moroccan Pouf                     20. Wood Cut Wall Monogram

10. Striped Border Rug                       21. Laundry Hamper

11. Open-Shevling Side Table            22. Upholstered Headboard 


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Image via Roberta Roller Rabbit @elscaulo

Guide To Accessorizing Your Desk:

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1. Gold/ Black Pens

2. Black/ Gold Planner

3. Gold Scissors

4. Lined Notebooks 

5. Gold Stapler

6. Black Picture Frame

7. Acrylic Tape Dispenser

8. Patterned Pencils

9. Gold Clips 

10. Silver Pencil Holder

Img 5428

Image via @dean_m_z

Accenting Your Walls With Fabric:

We suggest ordering a few yards (depending on the space) of fabric to hang on your walls to act similar to wallpaper. This method will not damage the walls and is a great way to bring some character and warmth to your dorm room. We love this fabric: City Toile (Navy/Metallic) Les Fleurs Collection by Rifle Paper Co

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Hanging Light Decor:

We Love the idea of hanging a drum shade for extra lighting in your dorm room. Over your bed is a great spot for this lighting accent. A good way to hang a light without marking up the walls too much is using a plant bracket. Then you hang the cord set with the shade attached and your all set! 

Screen Shot 2017 07 19 At 12 10 24 Pm

1. White Plant Bracket

2. Linen With Navy Border Shade

3. Metallic Cord Set

4. Striped Shade

Full Size Render 5

Image via Prep Avenue / Shannon Hessen

Detailed Bed Tray:

We love the idea of adding a monogramed sticker to the center of this acrylic bed tray. Bed trays are great for doing homework in bed, especially on those lazy Sundays. 

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How could you not be pumped to go back to school now!?

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Image via Roberta Roller Rabbit @emzlinhares

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