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Jul 11, 2019

What if I told you that you could have the best outdoor gathering experience, without having to leave your own backyard? Would you shake your head to tell me that it’s simply not possible? Don’t fret, friends, because with a little inspiration, creativity and a few of our favorite things, we promise you that your backyard can achieve outdoor oasis status—and we’re here to help you get there.

Before we jump into looking at outdoor products and furnishings that we’re loving at the moment, we thought we’d share with you various outdoor scenes and landscapes that continue to inspire us to create our own five-star backyard.


If you're looking to establish a more laid-back vibe or just want to dress up a smaller outdoor space, keep things simple with a bistro-style table for two or look for a no-frills, natural table with colorful accent chairs for a little amount of investment that will still create a big impact. For styling, keep things simple with accessories such as rattan and cane accents, along with whatever may be in bloom at your own house or from the flower shop down the road.

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Whether you are a frequent entertainer or hosting your first dinner party al fresco, a more formal atmosphere doesn't have to equate to more stressful preparations. Since you'll likely have various place settings, offerings, drinks and dishes floating around, we suggest keeping the decor more natural and earthy feeling, so as to avoid the appearance of an overly cluttered and chaotic table and/or patio space. Accent the dining area with pale florals and greenery that may be hiding in your own backyard! If you want to really wow your guests, add a small natural element to each individual place setting, perhaps a sprig of lavender or rosemary resting on the salad plate or tied with twine and each guest's silverware.

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The In-Between

If you're like us, you may desire a space that both entertains guests during cocktail hour and serves as a haven for you to retire to once the workday is over and you wish to unwind outdoors in the warmer months. Consider versatile pieces and spacial plans that encourage both dining and relaxing; a smaller round table with only four chairs paired alongside a casual sitting area provides the best of both worlds.

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Outdoor Dining And Living

The Breakdown

Now that you've hopefully been inspired to transform your outdoor space, whether a quaint front porch or expansive backyard, it's time to get to the details—actual products, furnishing and styling accessories that are #mcoapproved and loved. Click the photo below to shop all of our outdoor living and dining faves.

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