Decorating with White

Jan 19, 2017

Now that all of the holiday decorations have been carefully packed away for next year, and if you are anything like me you look around and "kinda" like the feeling of less.  Then you begin to dream about an all white interior.  For many of you this would be only a passing fancy.  But even you'all who adore your color will admit it is intriguing to ponder all white?  Yes?  Or maybe you just could never see yourself going all the way but are longing for a bit of it here and there. In this blog I'm going to share a few all white rooms along with Mackenzie & co "white" accents.  But first, is that chandelier complete perfection or what?


Matching all white walls and woodwork is the perfect "all white" base to highlight a deep, warm, brown floor.  This photo from Instagram via Howie Guji iis the perfect example of how a clean white background showcases a precious antique table.  It functions as a welcoming place for keys - of course your hunter boots tucked in the corner is oh so cute !  We get asked all the time, "what is your fav for white paint" - we have many but Timid White by Ben Moore is top on the list. 

White Day Bed

"Lovin"  this daybed set in it's very white space.  The faux fur rug, leather ottoman, a bit of black and tiny hint of gold for a complete win in this room featured on Apartment 34

Screen Shot 2017 01 19 At 11 30 32 Am

My "go to" if you are  going "all white" in only one area - make it your bed.  Just over the moon with linens from Coyuchi - All organic and natural products with a company commitment to people, planet & process.

Little White Vases

These little white vases we found on Terrain have so many possibilities.  Aren't they the perfect vessel to force some branches picked right outside your door?  Why not give spring a little nudge. 

White With Pink

A sea of white with just a teeny, tiny hint of pink is perfection for me.  Can't wait to hear what your decorating with white looks like - send notes, add pics to your instagram & FB.  Tag us we'd love to see what you do. 


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