Fall Preview: An Autumnal State of Mind

Aug 02, 2019

Fall, is that you? We see you sneaking up on us! While summer may be a treat for us here on Cape Cod, September and October are two of our favorite months for not only the slight dip in tourism, but the fashion, a slight chill to the air and of course, the opportunity to re-style our space to transition from coastal blues and airy fabrics to warmer tones and natural woods.

As we begin to approach the autumnal shift, we want to show you what we’re into and what we’re inspired by for the coming months. Here’s a snapshot of what we’re pinning on our Fall Pinterest Board, 2019 edition:

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No ever said that fall had to be all about pumpkin orange and mustard yellow—you can still evoke that autumnal feeling by highlighting natural wood grains and varying shades of brown, such as almond, coffee and warm creams.

Fall Preview Mackenzie And Company Interior Design 1
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We're dying over the contrast in this space between the bright white walls and subtle black decor accessories. While jet-black furnishings may seem bold for just a light and neutral interior, they'll act as eye-catching pieces that make a statement without being extravagant or seeming out of place.

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Who said New England fall should always take center stage? We can't imagine anything dreamier than roaming Californian Vineyards in early October, with golden hour light pouring through the mountains.

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As we were curating products, fabrics and photography for this season’s inspiration, memories began to resurface from one of our beloved design projects in Westwood, MA just a year ago. Featuring neutral earth tones and historic, French-Chateau like influence, walking through this home and the surrounding property transports you to fall no matter the temperature outside. To bring a similar feeling to your space, focus on enhancing neutrals with just slightly warmer tones, and don’t be afraid of leaning toward more masculine pieces and styles.


While we will be soaking up everything Summer has to offer us in these next few weeks of August, we certainly won't be too sad when the air gets a bit chillier and the leaves just start to fade.

P.S. We'll be talking more and more about autumn's arrival in the coming weeks! Be sure to be on the lookout for next week's post, detailing all of our favorite products, furnishings and accessories for Fall 2019.

The Mackenzie Co. Team

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