Friday Studio Faves - Our Top Pinned Picks this Week

Aug 31, 2018

In the past few weeks we have taken a little summer break from posting our Friday Favs - Our top favs from the week on Pinterest.  I'm happy to say we're back and relaunching this popular post with a little added twist.  Over the past few months I have been asked questions about the business, what inspires me, how do I choose the pieces we put in homes along with an array of other questions which I will try to answer here on Fridays along with my Pinterest Favs.  So ask away - drop a line here on the website  -  email me directly at or DM me on instagram.  

Raise your hand if you feel like the summer has been gone by in a nano second?  Wow can it really be Labor Day Weekend?  Who has special plans for the weekend?  Did you happen to catch our blog on Wednesday?  End of Summer Entertaining ?  

So with summers end things will jump into high gear in the studio.  We are excited for new building projects that have been on the horizon which probably accounts for my newest  obsession with home exteriors.  I can't get enough of this  beauty designed by Morre-Tate in Toronto.  The blend of the traditional with the contemporary and the juxtaposition of the black and white is the perfect blend.

Tan Kitchen

I am hoping to begin a renovation on my own home in the spring which means preparation begins this fall.  Although I am a huge fan of black I still have this very strong love for light wood tones.  Source: Pinterest ( If you know the designer please let us know so we can credit) 

Flower Rug

ok how much fun is this bedroom?  Color used in the best way possible  - bold and floral on the rug  - and who doesn't love a vintage iron bed in the perfect shade of green? If you are asking me what I see as elements of a perfect guest room this has all the makings.  Image via: Delightfull Lamps 

Black Stools

This is my week for kitchens I see - but there it is again that little bit of black as an accent in a very Scandinavian looking design.  Does it look like a kitchen in a Brooklyn brownstone built in the 19890"s ?   Image Via: Domino Magazine


This gorgeous dining room design rounds out so many of my personal favorites.  I get asked frequently about my favorite color combination.  White, pale pink, and black with a drop of texture - I'm  in heaven.  Personal favorite dining table ?  For me its a Parson's style and this black beauty is not exception.  Image via: Home Bunc

                                      Cheers to the weekend! xx Mackenzie & Company

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