Heading North - Quintessential Vermont Sightings

Jan 10, 2018

This past weekend we traveled north to Killington, Vermont for a snowy + spontaneous escape. All nestled up at a small boutique hotel called 506 on the River located just south, in the tiny town of Woodstock, we couldn't help but notice the attention to detail + beauty surrounding us. Days later, we're still dreaming of the pretty little things seen over the course of our getaway + are feeling inspired to incorporate some of these sweet touches into future designs!

Above image via @theyellownote on Instagram

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Can we just talk about this kitchen for a moment - since when do you find your d r e a m kitchen in a hotel?! We love how this design blends the new with the old; for example, the modern, raw industrial light fixtures (the new), with pieces like the antique scale, tin funnel + vintage milk vases on the shelves (the old).

Speaking of this shelving - we appreciate how it adds a pleasing aesthetic to the room but still holds onto it's functionality - a must-have in every kitchen + something we always keep in mind when creating these spaces.

Other obsessions: the wooden, makeshift island...the cute signage...the subway tiles...we could keep going on + on!

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For a chic and timeless look, very few things can compete with a chandelier. Aside from providing excellent lighting to a room, these beauties can steal the show or just add another layer to a stunningly designed space. In this case, they do the latter option. Our advice? Purchase + install that chandelier you've had your eye on for months - you'll never regret it

Other favs in this dining room/lounge area include: the rich, chocolate brown leather couches (heavenly!), the rustic globe, the industrial beams (epitome of understated elegance) and the "Keep Calm And Move To Vermont" + deer throw pillows! 

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We ended our day with a perfect nightcap at the hotel bar. These craft cocktails were everything - we had a "Snow Globe" (sparkling wine, homemade rosemary simple syrup, an infused sugar cube + brandied cranberries) and a "Maple Manhattan" (Bulleit bourbon, sapling liquor, sweet vermouth + Vermont maple syrup) ...yum! Definitely need to remember these ingredients for the next time we host a happy hour.

The old fashioned cans + clock add a lovely touch of nostalgia to the aesthetic, while the Moscow Mule + UFO pint glasses on the shelves gently remind you that you're still in year 2018.

We can't wait to visit this special place again someday, but in the meantime, we'll borrow some of these design ideas for our homes on the Cape + beyond! 

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Above image via pinterest

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