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Oct 25, 2017

Decorating for the holidays shouldn't be something to stress over, especially when the season quickly switches from Thanksgiving to Christmas. The last thing you want to do is take all your Thanksgiving decor and swap it out for the Christmas season, so why not make it a simple transition and use what you have? Cape Cod Magazine's latest feature shows our take on holiday decor styling by adding details like natural elements, vintage pieces and simple touches to give your home's traditional decor, a fresh new take. 

With your table, add a lightweight linen to create texture while doubling as a runner and pull out those vintage pieces like your grandmother's brass candlesticks. Mixing elements of old and new creates an unexpected combination for your traditional table decor. And of course you cannot go wrong with a beautiful centerpiece of deep red flowers to bring in a natural element to the overall decor.  

All images via Alison Caron

Holiday Decorating33

It's all in the details and the simplicity of tying your silverware with ribbon is an easy way to give that added touch to your table setting. With some fresh berries and thyme as additional decor for that extra little something, this will definitely be a crowd pleaser with your holiday guests!

Holiday Decorating31

Don't forget to give your bar cart some holiday love! A rich color palette of florals not only stands out on it's own but it ties in with the floral arrangement on your table setting. And remember the 'less is more' idea. Bar carts get a lot of use so don't focus on adding too much decor. 

Holiday Decorating18

Using food can really add to your decor while bringing in a more natural element. The simplicity of a bundle of herbs wrapped in a thin piece of leather alongside a fig is the perfect way to decorate your everyday dishes.  Want to elevate your dinnerware even more? Layer on a vintage looking (or real) plate over top to bring a little something extra to your guests seating. 

Holiday Decorating37 Preview

A buffet table can easily be transformed by layering a thin throw overtop and combining natural elements like oranges, flowers and leaves with traditional items like cake stands and candles. Mixing elements is not only different but gives your holiday decor a fresh and unexpected take that will last through the new year!

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