How To Style: Area Over the Bed

Oct 18, 2017

Decorating that area above your bed can sometimes be difficult to tackle. We're showing you a few different ways to style that space and give your room that finishing touch!

Image above via our Pine Lane Project

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Images above via Becki Owens // Jamie Bellessa

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Image above via Elizabeth Moyer // Cynthia Collins & Laura Birnbaum


This is the best way to make a space feel more open and bring light into a room. And with various styles and sizes, you can make it the main focal point or simply just a way to balance out the space. 


Have a favorite piece of art? This is the perfect way to show it off and add that little something extra to the room. Working with the space you have is key so play around with various sizes or even use multiple pieces to create a gallery wall to fit that area and make it your own. 

Decorative Wall Decor

This is a simple yet easy way to decorate that wall space, while letting your personality shine through. You can use anything from a tapestry or framed pennants to simple everyday items that will easily add character to the room. 

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1. Round Mirror

2. Tigers Eye Mirror

3. Wooden Mirror

4. Nautical Flag

5. Framed Shells

6. Pennant

7. Sara Fitz Artwork

8. Gray Malin Photography

9. Christie Adelle Artwork

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