Interior Design Trends for 2019 - What's In + What's out

Jan 03, 2019

Ready or not, it's 2019! I love reflecting on all that the previous year had to offer but I am so excited for what is next, and what new exciting adventures await in the new year. So let's get right to it. What is hot and on trend for the new year? What will we be seeing less of and what new exciting trends can we look forward to?

Above PC credit: Design - Means and Carney Photo -Heidi Geldhauser


Front and center wallpaper. I like pretty prints, sweet stripes and grassy textures but instead of going half in - doing an accent wall - I see the trend saying "let's be bold." Fresh, new, bold patterns will be in abundance in 2019. For some of you, you are doing the happy dance right now. For the bit less adventurous, you are hesitant, but you too can go bold in small spaces, like a powder room or a beautiful staircase in full bloom in this photo with Bien Fait Paris

Lobster Retouched

This year Pantone (the color matching company) named "Living Coral" the "it" shade for 2019, describing the colour as "an animating and life-affirming shade of orange with a golden undertone."

Then came the news from the 2019 Spring Fashion Week: "Clear out your crisp whites and oyster silvers, we're predicting 2019 will be all about oat. A muted take on linen, this shade is the new neutral. Wear paired with deeper tones like olives, navies or terracottas, or with white and black."

So long gray, greige, grey! I think we have used this color to death. If you added it to your home in investment pieces such as kitchen islands and upholstery (sofas/chairs), don't panic; there will be plenty of ways for these pieces to be integrated into 2019 design new trends. If this is your year to build or renovate, I would embrace more white and deeper accent tones.

PC: Angle Tucker for Mackenzie + co

Img 3058

PC: Lane Interiors via Naturally Cane Furniture

Still with us in 2019: natural materials such as jute, rice paper, cane, and bamboo. We talked about our love of these natural and enduring elements in previous blogs this year Take a peek - For the Love of Wicker. Vintage pieces have started popping up in second-hand and consignment shops - this might be a good time to get ahead of the crowd and score an awesome piece to add to you room.

On a final note - farewell, farewell rose gold! Although I am the proclaimed forever pale pink gal, rose gold has never been at the top of my list for metal choices. This trend has overstayed its welcome. A fun trend while it lasted but I am not feeling we will see much of it front and center in the new year.

Lots to think about in the new year. How will you embrace these new trends in your own home? Which trends are your favorites? Not sure where to begin giving your spaces some new love? We'll be here to help. We will be sharing "how to" in the coming months along with a special online one-room design promotion as well as some "freebies." Cheers to more design fun in 2019!

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