Last Minute Entertaining Essentials

Nov 22, 2017

No matter how prepared you are for a small get-together or a large party with friends and family, sometimes you just don't have the time to create a spread, clean up the house and enjoy your night. Haven't we all been there? The best way to plan and be prepared is to have a few essential items always on hand so you won't be stressing and can enjoy your company whether large or small!

Image above via The Fromage Table // Sami Lorking-Tanner

Wine: Always necessary and easy to keep a few bottles on hand. And don't stress about getting the most expensive kind or buying every variety of white and red. Unsure of what wine to get? Ask your local liquor store associate to help you pick out a selection!

Cheese & Crackers: Simple and always a go-to. Have a hard and soft cheese like cheddar and brie to put on a variety of crackers (whatever you may have on hand). 

Image above via Honestly Yum

Veggies: Whether its a bowl olives or a small platter of carrots and celery, these are a great addition to your cheese and crackers. Don't have the time to cut up your veg? Buy a mixed veggie platter and plate it on a cute serving dish!

Coffee & Tea: Perfect for a quick 'drop in' visit or an after dinner hangout. A cozy caffeine jolt is a great way to give your guests that home-y comfort feel, especially after a long meal. Spice things up with some Baileys or Kahlua to add a little something extra for your guests. 

A Sweet Treat: The perfect ending to a gathering. Whether it's something homemade or store bought (don't worry no one will judge) your guests will be sure to love something sweet at the end of a fun night!

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xx Cheers & Happy Holidays!
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