Mackenzie & Co Tips for Styling a Mantel

Aug 03, 2017

Styling a mantel can be tricky and daunting mostly because the mantel and the fireplace are usually the elements that make a statement in a room; in other words they are the center of interest. This means a mantel design has the ability to make quite a dramatic statement. How do I do this you may ask?  There are key elements to a good mantel design and following them will get you on track: 

1.) A mantel in almost all cases should have a focal point; mirrors and artwork are great for this. 

2.) Layering is also essential. Our studio loves the idea of layering framed photographs or art work; antique or vintage photos, family photos, and art are all perfect for this. 

3.) We can't forget the element of height in a mantel design; height gives visual interest and allows for the eye to move from the focal point to other elements in the design. Tall greenery, candlesticks, and stacking books and boxes are great for adding height.

4.) Symmetry and asymmetry are also very important. Most people feel a mantel design has to be symmetrical and don't get me wrong symmetry can be beautiful, but don't be afraid of asymmetry. Asymmetry can add interest and intrigue. For example, having a tall plant on one side and something small on the other side of the mantel can be a great well-balanced design. Another example could be playing with shapes by having a round mirror over a rectangular shaped mantel and fireplace.

5.) Antiques are always a great touch. Combining modern objects with antiques can also be a good idea. 

6.) Lastly and most crucially is lighting. Good lighting is key in any good design. Our studio believes sconces give the best lighting, and also produce the least amount of shadows.

The mantel is one of the most important spaces to design. As you can see there are many ways to go about styling it, but the most important element to consider is adding personality and character because the fireplace is the space in your home where your friends and family gather around a cozy fire to catch up and enjoy a glass of wine. Elements of yourself and your family are inviting and intriguing, especially when presenting them in such a special space in your home.

Mackenzie & Co Focal Point Favorites:

Screen Shot 2017 08 01 At 2 24 36 Pm

1. Lanai Mirror 

2. Marnie Wall Mirror

3. Cho Gold Wall Mirror

4. Beckett Wall Mirror

5. Adore Drew Doggett Photo

6. Majesty at Sea Drew Dogged Photo

7. Ben Wood Diptych

8. Julien Capmeil Traveler Photo

1.) Focal Points

Focal Point

Image via One Kings Lane


Image: Designer Darryl Carter's D.C. Townhouse

Our Studio's Favorite Mantel Objects:

Screen Shot 2017 08 01 At 2 14 34 Pm

1. Gold clock                 10. Ginger jar

2. Accent box               11. Accent books

3. Candlesticks             12. Gold Frames

4. Glass vase                 13. B&W Photo

5. Antique trophies       14. B&W Photo

6. Ginger jar vase          15. Glamour Magazine Photo

7. Gold jar                       16. B&W Photo

8. Hourglass                   17. B&W Photo

9. Books

2.) Layering

Layering Photos

Image via Park & Oak

3.) Height


Image via Christopher Burns Interiors

4.) Symmetry & Asymmetry


Image via In the Fields


Image via In the Fields

5.) Antiques

54Bf7Ca320569  Norris 0210 8 De

Image via House Beautiful

Sconce Roundup:

Screen Shot 2017 08 01 At 7 34 19 Pm

1. Elkins Double Sconce

2. Jonathan Adler Jacques Sconce

3. Lamont Crystal Sconce 

4. Reed Double Sconce 

5. Adeline Crystal Sconce

6. French Cuff Sconce

7. Fairmont Sconce

8. Spray Sconce in Gold Leaf

9. Hugo Light Sconce 

6.) Lighting


Image via This is Glamorous

7.) Objects & Personality


Image via Michael Graydon & Tommy Smythe

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