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Feb 21, 2018

Happy Wednesday! This week we had a spontaneous desire to start a new "mini" blog series: Mackenzie & Company Musings. We'll be shining the spotlight on some of our favorite design ideas from the past & present, along with fresh concepts that spark interest as the days go on!

Today, continuing on with our island obsession, we're musing about waterfall countertops. The idea with these beauties is that the surface you use as your countertop elegantly "waterfalls" down the sides of the cabinetry. The visual effect is that it appears the kitchen island (or wherever you incorporate a waterfall design) is wrapped in marble, quartz, concrete—really whatever material you choose to work with. 

Sometimes this look can feel a bit too industrial & cold for our liking, but other times they're a design masterpiece.

To waterfall or not to waterfall... we think yes! See our favorite incorporations of the waterfall countertop below.

Sleek and white image above via Park & Oak


One of the coolest things about waterfall countertops is the freedom to be able to use a myriad of materials. Concrete is a (sometimes forgotten) type that looks great wrapped around cabinets. We like it here, paired with all-white-everything!

Image above via The Style Files

Wood is absolutely not frowned upon in a waterfall countertop design! So so pretty.


The island above via Antonio Martins Interior Design features a distressed-wood waterfall countertop contrasting with a white natural-stone countertop on the perimeter cabinetry. Loving the blend of traditional and contemporary styles here!


A classic beauty with deep hues via One Kings Lane


Our go to material most cases, however, is marble. This luxe material speaks for itself—a texture lover's dream!

As seen in the image above via The Glitter Guide, waterfall edges create a vertical view of the counter, highlighting and dramatizing the beauty of the stone’s veining and creating a focal point in the kitchen. 


SUBTLE CONTRAST: the dark vein spilling over the edge brings contrast to this otherwise sea-of-white kitchen. So visually striking!

Image above via Simplified Bee


BEYOND THE KITCHEN: waterfall edges are not exclusive to the kitchen; they look just as nice (and are just as functional) in bathrooms. How gorgeous is this design via Ryan Street & Associates? In love with how the similar materials used for the floors & counters creates a luxurious, spa-like atmosphere...

Hope this inspires! xx Mackenzie & Company

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