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Mar 06, 2018

Ah, tiles...there's so much to be said about them! The tile pattern you choose has the power to set the tone in a room and can make all the difference. The beauty of tiles, in our opinion, is having the freedom to mix and match. It can get confusing to tell the different styles apart, trying to decide which types go together and figuring out what-goes-where, so we've collected a few of our most adored deigns. We hope you enjoy! ☺

Vintage-inspired bathroom goals above via The elegant with all the gold hardware, and the mix-match of white marble hexagon tiles with floor to ceiling subway tiles. 

Subway Tiles


Subway tiles...the white T-shirt & boyfriend jeans of interiors: a timeless, well-loved, lived-in classic. 

Loving the tile duo featured in the black & white bathroom above by Studio Mcgee. The brick-lay white subway tiles paired with the checkered floor is a dream.


We love going the color route with subway tiles, too. How sweet is this children's bathroom?! The slate-blue subway tiles in a herringbone pattern, white accents and rope light fixture all add up to coastal home perfection. 

Image above via Three Birds

Penny Tiles


Another popular contender (and affordable when it comes to renovating) are penny tiles. A true favorite of ours! A marble penny tile backsplash adds beautiful texture & character to this kitchen via Design Sponge.

Hexagon Tiles

Swooning over this honeycomb hexagon design—so simple, yet still a little unexpected at the same time. The moody, deep teal color of the ceramic tiles is something else. Image via Apartment Therapy.


The difference grout color can make to your tiles is immense. Above, the dark grout makes the white hexagon tiles really pop! Image via Kristina Lynne.


A white grout can calm down the look in all the right ways, as seen above with this hexagonal marble floor via Cate St Hill. Really lovely and light! 



A forever classic, this beautiful tile adds instant old-world charm to any space, and also comes in various colors, patterns and textures. This look was popular in the 70s and 80s, but the new terracotta has a subtler and more antiqued look...and we're so into it. Above, a white kitchen featuring a terracotta floor with a glossy finish via Decor Pad


Loving the chalky hues & matte finish of the terracotta tiles above via Kitchen Studio of Naples. 

Accented Tiles


Just a few accented tiles thrown into the mix takes a design from lovely to over-the-top gorgeous. 

Above, a dream retreat via Addison's Wonderland. We like how there's some new, like the modern shower (with the herringbone patterned tile floor) and some old, such as the claw foot tub and the worn look of the brick + accented tile fireplace.

Happy Tiling! xx Mackenzie & Company

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