Save & Splurge: Mudrooms

Apr 07, 2017

Here at Mackenzie & Company we have been working on an exciting and new collaboration with Brendan O'Sullivan and his "Flipadelphia" crew. A designer-contractor alliance is not hard to come by, but our unique relationship rests on the fact that we are working 300+ miles away from each other. While Brendan is flipping houses in Pennsylvania, we have been communicating our design ideas for his homes through text messages, conference calls, and even Pinterest and Instagram! Our current project is focused on a rear addition of an old row home in Norristown, Pennsylvania. This space will consist of a mudroom, laundry and bath combination, which can often seem like expensive and splurge-worth areas of the home. We're here to show you how you can achieve a stylish and functional space while sticking to your budget. This week, we'll be focusing on how to design a beautiful and practical mudroom and entryway.

Mudroom White

A well-designed mudroom is the perfect way to get organized, providing a place for anything needed in a quick entry or exit of the home. Even the smallest of mudroom built-ins can provide a great deal of function. When building mudroom storage, utilizing hooks, cubbies with baskets, and cabinets and shelving based on standard width sizes will cut costs. Opt for shipboard or beadboard to create a high-end look.

Mudroom Saves

A splurge-worthy mudroom will have a great deal of custom cabinetry to conceal everything being stored, along with detailed moldings, beautiful hardware, and high-end tile flooring.

Mudroom Grey

View our save and splurge guide below for products and finishes to incorporate in your mudroom revamp and get that splurge-worthy look!

Lighting Save Splurge Mudroom

1 | Save: Lantern Pendant  2 | Splurge: Lantern Pendant  3 | Save: Gold Flush Mount  4 | Splurge: Gold Flush Mount

Storage Save Splurge Mudroom

5 | Save: Woven Basket  6 | Splurge: Woven Basket  7 | Save: Grey Rope Basket  8 | Splurge: Grey Rope Basket

Hardware Save Splurge Mudroom

9 | Save: Onyx Handleset  10 | Splurge: Onyx Handleset  11 | Save: Cup Pull  12 | Splurge: Cup Pull  13 | Save: Hex Pull  14 | Splurge: Hex Pull  15 | Save: Tab Pull  16 | Splurge: Tab Pull  17 | Save: Hat & Coat Hook  18 | Splurge: Hat & Coat Hook

Flooring Save Splurge Mudroom

19 | Save: Cement Tile  20 | Splurge: Cement Tile

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