Nighttime Rituals: 5 Ways to Embrace a Better Rest

Jan 23, 2018

So we’ve all heard of (and may have attempted) “clean eating” - aka eating as many fruits, vegetables and whole foods as possible - but have you heard of “clean sleeping?" 

Actress & goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow swears by it and has quoted: “We simply weren’t built to just go, go, go. We were built to go, go, go and then rest, rest, rest!"

With all of the hustle and bustle that goes on in our daily lives, it's easy to let a good night's sleep fall by the wayside. But we think Gwyneth is spot on - proper sleep is one of the many keys to a healthy and happy lifestyle. Keep reading to discover our current sleep provoking favorites; 5 things that will help invite a higher quality snooze into your home & nighttime routine.

1. Indulge in really cozy bedding

#1 essential for an amazing night's sleep? It's all about the bedding. Our top picks: 



Other Loves (less of a splurge):

2. Banish toxins with a Himalayan Salt Lamp


You know that soothing glow you feel from sitting near an outdoor fire pit? Himalayan Salt Lamps can bring the same ambiance into your home - plus they encourage better sleep amongst many other health benefits. 

We're in love with the look of this miniature, plug-in night light version!

Top Pick: Tula Himalayan Salt Lamp Night Light

3. Utilize dim lighting


We always appreciate the minimalistic aesthetic of a bare bulb, especially when it tones down the brightness of a bedroom. 

As you unwind before bed, nix the fluorescence and opt for a globe that casts a soft, welcoming yellow-tinged glow, or one made from frosted glass that will deliver softly diffused light.

Above image via Liz Marie

4. Experiment with essential oils


Essential oils are slowly but surely becoming something we can't live without! Our favorite providers of the moment are doTERRA & Saje. There are a few simple ways you can work their oils to your routine; taking deep breaths of the diffused oil in the air is aromatherapy heaven and has all sorts of benefits, such as elevated moods, easier breathing, pain relief & more. 

Lavender, Jasmine, Lemon and Bergamot are just a few of the scents that promote deep sleep and relaxation. Put a few drops into your diffuser before bed and you'll be dreaming in no time!

Top Pick (not shown in picture): VITRUVI Porcelain Essential Oil Diffuser

Above image via Rose City Style Guide

5. Soak away your worries


Need we say more? There's really nothing better than washing away the stress of the day before bedtime, especially in a bathtub as dreamy as this one. Add a candle and you now have the recipe for perfection. 

Above image via Serena & Lily

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