Open Kitchen Shelving

May 18, 2017

Open shelving in kitchens is definitely a design trend that continues to grow in popularity. While this lovely feature requires cleanliness and organization, open shelves can create an airy and spacious aesthetic in the kitchen along with a beautiful display! Whether shelves are being utilized for storage or to showcase decor, there are many tips and tricks to keeping them tidy and visually pleasing. We absolutely love how our feature photo by Sarah Sherman Samuel doubles as a beautiful display and functional storage!


                                                                                Threshold Interiors

Incorporating open shelving is a great way to break up the heaviness of upper cabinets and to showcase items that do not need to be concealed behind doors. Threshold Interiors utilizes shelving here above the kitchen sink to create a lovely, curated display.


                                                                         Sita Montgomery Interiors

Create contrast from other finishes by using wood shelving. This will also bring some natural warmth and texture! To prevent the space from feeling overwhelming or busy, keep items on display monochromatic. If your shelves are white or coordinate with the cabinet finish, add some colored or wooden bowls, cutting boards, or baskets for contrast.


                                                                                   Greige Design

When open shelving is the main storage unit in a kitchen, it can be organized in a way that doubles as a beautiful display. Stack everyday dishes and showcase cake stands or propped cutting boards to create a great aesthetic with function. Place the items you use most often on the lowest shelf and work your way up. Upgrade containers to large, clean jars.


                                                                          Sherry Hart Interior Design

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