Save & Splurge: Laundry & Bath

Apr 18, 2017

Welcome back for part two of our collaboration with the "Flipadelphia" crew. If you are just joining us, we are collaborating with Brendan J. O'Sullivan on an old row home in Norristown, Pennsylvania. An addition was added to the original structure that consists of a mudroom & laundry/full bathroom combination. While Brendan is working onsite in Pennsylvania, we have been communicating our design ideas with him through text messages, conference calls, and Pinterest boards. We have found so many inspirational designs for our laundry & full bath, like our cover photo above by Sarah Walker at The Curated House. Last week we featured the mudroom and demonstrated how it's possible to create a great design on a budget by highlighting components of the design in a "Save & Splurge" format. This week, check out how to create a functional and stylish bath/laundry room without breaking the bank.  

Laundry 8

Laundry/bath combos are the perfect area of the home to play with color, pattern, and texture. One of the best ways to give a laundry room or bathroom some character is with unique tile flooring. We are especially loving geometric and patterned tile featured in this design by Monika Hibbs.

Laundry 2
Laundry 4
Bath 3

You can't go wrong with low-cost classic tile in contrasting black and white with natural wood accents, like this beautiful full bath by Amber Interiors.

New Bath 1

It's key to have places to hide the clutter - utilize storage cabinets & baskets to keep things neat and tidy. Choose built-in storage based on standard width sizes to cut costs. A pull down ironing board or drying rack can be useful in saving floor space, or incorporate a clothing rod underneath upper cabinets to hang dry clothes. Front-loading appliances provide more room for storage and workspace above the machines. And last but not least - create a countertop over side-by-side washer and dryer units to utilize as a folding area.

Laundry 6

Ceramic subway tile is our go-to! Niches built into shower walls are a great way to hide and store toiletries. Bathroom walls can be spruced up with wood panels, beadboard, or a bold wallpaper to replace tile. Instead of going the custom route for a vanity, opt for a freestanding, store bought unit. Lighting is an element that can easily be found for a reasonable price. Sconces can be a less expensive alternative to typical vanity lights. Search for fun and sculptural fixtures to bring style without splurging.

Bathroom 11

Finally we have rounded up the save and splurge guide below for some of our favorite products and finishes. 


1 | Save: Round Mirror   2 | Splurge: Round Mirror   3 | Save: Pivot Mirror   4 | Splurge: Pivot Mirror


5 | Save: Gold Bar Pull  6 | Splurge: Gold Bar Pull  7 | Save: Ring Pull  8 | Splurge: Ring Pull  9 | Save: Onyx Square Bar Pull  10 | Splurge: Onyx Square Bar Pull


11 | Save: Gooseneck & Lever Handle Tap  12 | Splurge: Gooseneck & Lever Handle Tap  13 | Save: Gooseneck & Cross Handle Tap  14 | Splurge: Gooseneck & Cross Handle Tap  15 | Save: Classic Lever Handle Tap  16 | Splurge: Classic Lever Handle Tap


17 | Save: Onyx Framed Wood Vanity  18 | Splurge: Onyx Framed Wood Vanity  19 | Save: White Single Vanity  20 | Splurge: White Single Vanity


21 | Save: Industrial Wall Sconce  22 | Splurge: Industrial Wall Sconce  23 | Save: Midcentury Modern Sconce  24 | Splurge: Midcentury Modern Sconce


25 | Save: Black Hex Tile  26 | Splurge: Black Hex Tile  27 | Save: White Subway Tile  28 | Splurge: White Subway Tile

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