Mackenzie & Co Guide to Coffee Table Styling

Jun 27, 2017

Here at Mackenzie & Company we have a few approaches to our method of coffee table styling. When trying to produce a coffee table design there are a few things to take into account. We love to follow, depending on the space, the methods listed below:

1. Maintaining Balance 

2. Varying Object Height: Having vignettes with different height allows objects to become more noticeable and it adds more intrigue to your design.

3. Forming a Grid: Placing objects within 4 squares 

4. Layering and Stacking: Having books as a base layer and stacking trays, bowls, boxes, and more. 

5. Staying monochromatic 

6. Adding greenery and natural elements: Adding plants or natural elements such as antlers, driftwood, coral or shells. Having one tall significant plant is also a route you can take. 

7. Adding terrariums with succulents

8. Having an ottoman as a coffee table 

9. Keeping it simple: A few simple items to provide practical space on your coffee table.

10. Adding touches of gold, silver, or glass to mix textures and shapes. 

11. Adding personal items: Coffee tables are a great space to display parts of your personality. Items like calligraphy brushes, photos or polaroids, and or any item that is able to display the unique you. 

Overall objects we love to include on our coffee tables are: books, trays, boxes, candles, matches, greenery, terrariums, bowls, jars (ginger gars), personal objects, natural elements, magnify glasses, letter openers, antique or vintage trophies, frames, clocks, coasters, candlestick holders, and decorative hourglasses.

1. Maintaining Balance


Design: Modern Sanctuary

2. Varying Object Height


Photo & Design: High Street Market

3. Forming a Grid


Design: Alexander Reid

4. Layering & Stacking


Photo & Design: hannah lemholt photography & SF Girl by Bay 

5. Keeping it Monochromatic

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Photo & Design: Bloglovin'// Elisabeth Heier 

6. Adding Greenery & Natural Elements

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Design: Raft Furniture

7. Adding Terrariums

6 X5 A8733

Design: Maureen Stevens

8. Using an Ottoman as a Coffee Table


Design: Kate Strickland (West Haddon Hall) // Photo: Bethany Nauert 

9. Keeping it Simple

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Design: Kelly Nutt Design

10. Adding Touches of Gold, Silver, or Glass


Photo: The Everygirl: Jacqueline Clair’s NYC Studio Tour

11. Displaying Your Personality

Full Size Render7

Design: Danielle Moss

Coffee Table Accents We Love:

Screen Shot 2017 06 22 At 3 10 47 Pm

1. 1940s Equestrian Trophy Cups

2. Scalloped Capiz Hurricane

3. Glass Sand Filled Hourglass

4. Banana Gold Leaf Tray

5. Rustic Leather Boxed Coasters

6. Potted Floral Arrangment Sculpture

7. Glass Terrariums

8. Farmhouse Pottery Wooden Bowls

9. Polished Nickel Links Sculpture

10.  Ginger Jar with Gold Detail

11. Glass Vase

12. Magnifying Glass

13. Silver and Wicker Tray

14. Mini Glass Vases

15. Branched Teak Root Tray 

16. Pocket Watch Clock

17. Coffee Table Book

18. Tortoise Finial

19. Stafford Candlesticks


Design & Photo: Every Day Parisian

Screen Shot 2017 06 16 At 8 59 03 Pm
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