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Apr 25, 2018

The costal home: quite possibly the most sought after aesthetic in design. There are so many elements within the classic + cool coastal theme that make it such a forever favorite...

For this week's studio blog, we wanted to highlight our love for the coastal home, as well as the regions we are currently working in and/or that we adore, as region often gives a direction for the "type" of coastal that you're going for. From Naples, to Cape Cod & the Islands, to Long Island and beyond...join us as we explore coastal living!

I sat down with Mackenzie & Company's leading lady, Angela Hamwey, for a brief Q&A session about all things coastal. Here's what she had to say...

Q: Hi Angela! What is your favorite thing about coastal design?

A: My favorite thing about coastal design is being able to utilize lots of light textures and fabrics, giving each space that easy, breezy kind of feel.

Q: What is your favorite way to “do” coastal?

A: Such a great answer has multiple parts! I like to treat windows with soft, unlined cafe curtains; I love the way they look when they blow with the sea breeze! 

My favorite (unexpected) thing to do in a coastal design is to add a soft velvet headboard, or maybe a few soft velvet pillows.

Lastly, I tend to treat outdoor spaces with the same design aesthetic as the interior. When you are living in coastal locations you use your outdoor spaces frequently; I like to design them as thought they are another room in the house...moving the color palette throughout all spaces.

Q: What is your biggest pet peeve about coastal design?

A: First and foremost - to each their own! If you love your coastal design, then that's all that really matters. However, if I had to say, I'm not a huge fan of sea foam green and zip code pillows. my favorite way to design a coastal space is doing so without blatantly stating that we're on the coast (from a design perspective)..."understated coastal" is the best.

Q: What is your ideal "coastal" aesthetic, such as color palette, materials etc.?

A: I always love a fresh clean palette with hints of black, shiplap & wood grain...the more texture the better, with touches of rattan and grassy window treatments.

I enjoy incorporating the classic blues and whites in coastal design, but I like to include these shades in unexpected places...

- (EDITOR'S NOTE: we can't wait to reveal our Martha's Vineyard project!) - 

FROM COAST TO COAST: From exteriors to interiors, here's a roundup of some of our favorite (& most noteworthy) coastal designs...


This bright color palette is everything - hoping to stumble upon some more hidden coastal gems when we peruse Naples, FL this week!


A striking bedroom in a San Francisco home with Cali-cool vibes.


A peaceful, all-white haven on the coast of somewhere far, far away...


A dreamy neutral space with an organic feel, complimenting the natural beauty of the South Carolina coast.


Swooning over all of the raw and gray-washed finishes inside this serene coastal master bedroom...


We could stare at the panoramic views of Cape Cod Bay (framed by woven wood Roman shades) all day...coastal sitting room perfection!


Speaking of VIEWS...this modern coastal bathroom situated in the Hamptons is what dreams are made of. 


All the heart eyes for this boho backyard bar! A perfect exterior aesthetic for a coastal home located somewhere warm year round.


A picture perfect New England tiki-bar! 


It's hard not to fall in love each time you turn a corner on Nantucket, but this quaint curb-appeal is something special...


More coastal curb-appeal, except this time from down south. Speaking of which, our plane is departing shortly. Off to Naples, FL we go!

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Hope this inspires! xx Mackenzie & Company

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