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Apr 04, 2018

Hello again! What a week it has been (and it's only Wednesday...)! As Spring picks up with new projects, and as we prepare for our discussion panel at Boston Design Week - RSVP HERE - time seems to be just flying by.

Recently we've been musing about the Japanese concept of wabi sabi, a trend that is expected to catch like wildfire in 2018. It’s all about authenticity, including honesty of materials, and celebrating imperfection. So our mood lately! 

Perfectionists and lovers of symmetry have trouble with this whole philosophy…but it is undeniably an interesting one. 

We did a little roundup of our favorite wabi sabi-inspired designs below. As lovers of all things crisp + clean, we can't say this trend has won us over entirely, but surprisingly we are loving the feel of these imperfect spaces!

What do you think about this trend? Would you bring some of these elements into your home? 

Image above via Kristine Bonnici


Wabi Sabi represents an entire world view of how imperfections can equal perfection...how perfectly imperfect is this little space? Loving the mismatch of natural wood materials, and those massive pendants are to die for! 


Images above via 2b&co


A PERFECT LITTLE CORNER: simple + modest, an organic look and feel at it’s finest...

Image above via Ilaria Fatone


Honing in on inspiration from nature, this wabi sabi-inspired farmhouse kitchen space is just dreamy...

The minimalist look of the bare hanging bulbs pairs nicely with the worn aesthetic and offers a tiny geometric touch to the kitchen.

Image above via Emily Henderson


STONE COLD: we're captivated by the contrasting materials used in this bathroom design...that stone sink, the concrete backsplash and all of the distressed wood. So masculine & bold. 

Image above via Interior Delux


Wabi sabi is all about the distressed woods, and so are we. This rugged sliding door paired with the white floor is  really something special...loving that modern light fixture and the black hardware, too. 

Image above via Decoist


Consider this permission to leave your bed unmade...we're swooning over this calm + serene wabi sabi-esque bedroom! The layered concrete walls in different shades of grey - an absolute fave.

Image above via Skonahem


In Japanese tradition, broken things are repaired with gold, so that the repaired object is even lovelier than the original—and the breakage and repair becomes an important part of the object's history rather than something to disguise. Essentially, it's a notion that hardships can make something (or someone) more beautiful. In addition to the philosophical meaning, this repair method produces some really eye-catching details!

Image above via 1508 London

Hope this inspires! xx Mackenzie & Company

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