The Design Process

Learn more about our design process and what goes on behind the scenes at the Mackenzie + Company Studio.



This is where everything begins, you taking that initial step to reach out to our team! Fill out our contact form, tell us more about your project and your space, where you’re located and what kind of budget your estimating for the project.


first consultation

During our first consultation, we’ll refine your initial inquiry and get to know each other better. We’ll learn about your desired home style as well as your day to day lifestyle so that we can design with your specific needs in mind. Location permitting, we like to have initial consultations with clients at their space to get a better sense of what we’ll be working with!



Once we decide that working together feels like a good fit, we’ll draft a proposal that outlines the scope of work for your project in co-ordinance with a budget you feel comfortable with. If all appears well, you’ll be sent a letter of agreement and will sign to agree to the scope of work proposed.



After signing on the dotted line, we’ll invite you to our studio space for your official client on-boarding meeting with the Mackenzie + Company team. At this point we’ll be fine-tuning your vision for your space and gathering specifics such as your likes, dislikes, your day to day life, as well as your own design inspiration via a shared Pinterest Board between you and our studio.


the design

While you sit back and relax, we can do what we do best. During the design phase, our team will take into consideration how your space ultimately needs to function for your unique lifestyle. We’ll begin with an inspiration or mood board, followed by spacial planning and nailing down the technical side of your design.


presentation + feedback

Following the design phase, our team will present you with all of our ideas and plans for your space or home, laying out everything room by room. Every product and furnishing we propose to you will be within your desired budget, typically with a splurge pieces we think you might be interested in as investment pieces if you so wish. Perhaps the most crucial aspect of this step and of our process in general is hearing your feedback, comments and questions about what we’ve proposed—this will also be the time to make any changes!



You’ll approve every product, wallpaper, furnishing or accessory that we plan to implement in your design, even down to the pillows! Once everything is approved, our project management team will begin the ordering process and have everything curated and ready to go prior to installation.



The day (or days) we’ve all been waiting for and working toward. Deliveries are made, shipments are brought in and our team will bring our design to life to conclude our journey together. Depending on scheduling, the final reveal may be that day or within the week of install. The real final step? Enjoying your new space.