All About Our Process: Presentation and Feedback

If you’re new here or haven’t been following along, over the past few weeks we’ve been detailing our studio’s interior design process in its entirety! Before you dive in here, make sure you catch up on the previous posts first—the initial inquiry, the proposal + on-boarding, and the design phase. Ready for what’s next? Let’s talk presentation and feedback.

Following the design phase, we’ll invite you to the studio (location permitting) for a formal presentation of the design and products being proposed. Our team will present you with all of our ideas and plans for your space or home, laying out everything room by room. Every product and furnishing we propose to you will be within your desired budget, typically with a few splurge pieces sprinkled here and there that we think you may be interested in as investment pieces if you so wish.


What’s unique about this portion of the design process and working with an interior designer is that a majority of the products and furnishings that will be included in your design plan will be from our trade vendors, meaning they aren’t accessible to the general public. In addition, we are often able to provide better discounts for you on certain products that you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to obtain as a regular consumer or at the retail level!

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of this step and of our process in general is hearing your feedback, comments and questions about what we’ve proposed—this will also be the time to make any changes. You’ll let our team know what you like, what you don’t like, and what you might like to see alternate options for.


Upon hearing your feedback, suggestions and thoughts, we’ll take all of these insights into consideration, finalize your proposal and send it to you in a digital format through our project management system. Within this virtual proposal, you can view specific products, furnishings and textiles on your own time and ultimately finalize your design plan and specific products, furnishings, accessories and more. 

From here, project management steps in and begins the ordering process—stay tuned for the next post in our process series in two weeks, all about the logistics and management behind the interior design process! 

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The Mackenzie + Company Team

Paige Leahy