Key Elements to Refresh Your Home for Spring

Clouded (literally and figuratively) by rain showers and the annual anticipation for summer, spring is often written off as the transitional season—a time to shake off winter and prepare for warmer weather, green grass and walks along the ocean. We’re here to remind you that spring is not just a time to spend preparing for summer; Spring gives us the chance to reimagine our homes with new light. In addition, this time of year serves as the perfect opportunity to breathe fresh life into our living spaces that we just spent all winter hibernating in.

Not sure where to start? Overwhelmed by the idea of re-decorating and styling for just one season? Fortunately, we have rounded up three key elements for you to pay attention to as you're refreshing your home for spring. Plus, all of these elements are easily interchangeable for each season.


Choosing art for your home is an extremely personal choice; take some time to really peruse through various options. Pay attention to what speaks to you and your design aesthetic in terms of color scheme, style and medium.

Since spring is all about rebirth and celebrating the earth once again being in bloom, we suggest gravitating toward pieces that are brighter and lighter, in both color and medium. Replace dark, moody colors and heavy oils with pastel hues, ample negative space and feelings of freshness.

In the market for photography? Our same suggestions apply.


Pillows are perhaps the easiest thing to switch in and out with the change in season. Your key words? Lighter and brighter. For accent colors, we love pale blues, soft pinks and peach tones, as well as shades of white and neutral hues for staple pieces. To avoid white-washing your entire space and having too much basic neutrals (is too much neutral a thing?), mix-in basic fabrics with textured choices. If you already own a pillow or two that you love, no need to buy an entire new one or set—simply swap out the pillow case cover with something more spring-appropriate.


Isn’t it always the smallest details that make the biggest difference? The Mackenzie + Company team certainly thinks so. Add some spring flair to your home with the final touches that can truly make your space; think throws in breathable fabrics, baskets for storage and pastel vases with fresh florals.

While these elements only require small changes to your current home decor, they are certain to make a large impact. If you're looking for more interior design and styling guidance as we transition into the warmer months, you won\'t want to miss a special offer we'll be announcing in the next few weeks—be sure to sign up for our e-mail list to not only be the first to hear, but to receive a special discount for our new offering as well!As always, follow us on Instagram for more spring interior inspiration and design tips from the team.

The Mackenzie + Company Team

Paige Leahy