All About Our Process: The Proposal and On-Boarding

Okay Mackenzie Co. Insiders, now that you know how to reach out to work with us and what our initial consultation might look like, it’s time to chat next steps in our interior design process: the proposal, our letter of agreement and the client on-boarding meeting. Let’s dive in.


After we have our initial consultation, we’ll draft a proposal that outlines the scope of work for your project in co-ordinance with a general budget put-forth based on conversation had during the consultation; it will entail a round-up of what we discussed during that first meeting, the general scope of work and an estimate of numbers that include your product budget and design service fees. In simplest terms, you’ll see outlined what you asked for, how much of an investment you’re looking at, and the fees associated with your design. After digitally viewing your proposal, we’ll make any revisions you’d like to see made to the scope put forth, as well as answer any questions you may have. This phase of the process is essentially the negotiating and finalizing! Once all is settled, you’ll be sent a letter of agreement and will sign to agree to become an official client of our studio. The agreement will serve as a contract for our time working together, and does come with a retainer fee for our design services.

After signing on the dotted line and paying your retainer, we’ll invite you to our studio space for your official client on-boarding meeting with the Mackenzie + Company team to really get the ball rolling on our journey together! At this point, we’ll be fine-tuning your vision for your space and gathering specifics such as your likes, dislikes, your day to day life, as well as your own design inspiration via a shared Pinterest Board between you and our studio. You’ll spend time really diving deep into what you’d like to see come to life within your space, and include everything you’re either interested in or inspired by on that Pinterest Board, no matter how big or small of an element.

But, let’s get back to our meeting. While likely sipping on coffee and taking notes, we may ask you specific questions such as whether you entertain guests frequently, how many times a year you have gatherings at your home, how much time you spend in specific spaces and rooms, and overall how you’d like your home to function. All of these questions give us an immense amount of insight as to how we can design your home or space specific to you, along with what types of floor plans, furnishings and accessories may suit your design. During the on-boarding meeting, we like to gain insight from all adult parties who will be taking up residency in the space to have a full-picture of what everyone involved is interested in, in terms of design style, furniture requests and lifestyle details that may seem irrelevant, but likely end up playing a role in how every aspect of your home can work together in the name of style AND function.

From here, it’s time for us to do what we do best—design! Stay tuned for updates relating to our Coastal Design Collaboration with Robbin Mangano of the New England life, when next week we discuss her project’s proposal and on-boarding meeting. Also, be on the lookout for the following process post, all about the main attraction: design.

In case you didn’t hear, we’ll be posting a new blog, as well as sending out detailed newsletters to our subscribers, each week pertaining to the various steps in our design process in an effort to be as transparent as possible with our audience, followers and prospective clients. Plus, our email subscribers will receive special tips and tricks, along with insider knowledge from our Principal Designer, Angela Hamwey. 

-The Mackenzie + Company Team

Angela Hamwey